10 on 10 January Edition

To start 2017 I really wanted to begin a personal project again. It's been almost two years since I completed my first 365 project and while I have continued shooting almost daily I really miss having the challenge of making something and being accountable for it. I was deciding between another 365 and a 52 week Project and actually chose combine the two this year. For my Project 52 I am committed to get in the frame every week. It's one of the most scary and challenging things I've set myself up for as far as personal work goes but I'm ready to embrace it. This month for our 10 on 10 circle I share with you my first 10 images of the year. Full of shadows, light and including a self portrait or two. To continue following along in our circle of amazing artists and please visit my friend Sarah's post. Happy New Year! 

Brand New and Beautiful

Time to dust off the blog and start sharing my favorite sessions and personal work from this year. I cannot believe it's almost the end of 2016. For me, this year has been one of amazing growth and reflection and I want to share that with you here. Instead of starting from the beginning, I'm going to work my way backwards. First up is this newborn lifestyle session of sweet baby Harper and her wonderful parents. She was born into such a warm and beautiful family and I can't wait to see their family bloom and grow.

10 on 10 September Edition

It's the end of Summer and close to the end of warm evenings spent at the park. So we're soaking in every last warm night and going out to play. On this evening I followed my boys to wherever they roamed watching them revisit their favorite spaces of this park. Sometimes it's the normal, everyday things that remind us how beautiful life is. This post is part of a blog circle that I've joined with some amazing artists and you don't want to miss their beautiful images. Next up is Sarah Rypma with images of her Michigan Summer. 

10 on 10 June Edition

I've always admired the look of film and photographers who still shoot film and make it look so effortless. I learned photography solely on digital - I was a late bloomer and I still have much to learn. So I took on a new challenge last month and bought a film camera and signed up for my first film class called Embrace the Grain. I'm three weeks in an already loving the process. The shots I take can't be seen on the back of camera (this takes some serious getting used to!) and it's actually quite liberating! I feel like I have to slow down A LOT to get the shots I want and I think it makes me more present in my work and in the moment. SO! Today I share with you eleven (couldn't share just 10 this time!) of my favorite images from first two roles of film - Kodak Portra 400 and Fuji 400H. They're grainy and some a little soft and I love every little imperfection that they hold. I can't wait to dig in deeper and shoot more film this Summer! 

Next up in this fabulous circle of amazing ladies is Sarah Rypma from Kalamazoo, Michigan. Her first image this month is a stunning start to her beautiful, light filled post. 

In and Around Your Home - An authentic way of shooting Family Sessions

I have fallen in love with sessions that revolve around your family's home. In and around your home, where you have favorite spaces. You know them so well. You make memories in these spaces. It's where you gather around the dinner table and talk to your family about your day. It's where your kids are growing up and probably where they are the most comfortable. It's where I believe the most raw, authentic and beautiful moments happen. 

You may be thinking,  "But my house is not picture perfect. It's a mess! And my kids won't behave - they'll just run wild!"

To that I say, I hear you! Nobody's house is perfect but that's exactly what makes it unique.

We can totally work around little messes - or even work with them! And your kids? I want them to be able to show me their personalities and connections with each other and it will be amazing to do that in a place they know. We can start at your home, your porch, your backyard and then head off to one of your favorite spots to explore. 

It's the kids running through the sprinklers in the yard and the dog joins in. Or it's you welcoming a new family member into your home. It's the real moments - the heart of who you are that is worth documenting. We can start at your home and wander off to your favorite ice cream place or to the creek that your kids love to wade in during the Summer. It's the kind of session that honestly sets my soul and creative voice on fire and I would love to help you tell your family's story. Together let's make some magic in your home and in your favorite spaces. 


A New 10 on 10 - May Edition

Oh how I've missed a 10 on 10 monthly post. I'm back at it this month with some new and amazingly talented photographer mamas. Come follow our circle of how we capture our daily lives. 10 images every month and a little glimpse into how each of us sees the world a little differently. My images this month are ten recent favorites from my 365 project. 

Back in March of this year I attended a workshop in Austin with Joy Prouty of Wilflowers Photography and made some wonderful new friends. One of these women is Bethany Sams, mama of (almost) four, from Knoxville, Tennessee and she is one of the most genuine souls I've ever met. She's also an incredible photographer and I adore the way she views the world.  Please continue the circle by visiting her beautiful work HERE. Thank you so much for following along! 

15 minutes with the Beautiful Bunns

Claire and I have been Facebook friends for years and she and her family took a road trip to Colorado so we finally got to meet in person. We met for dinner, chatted away about our passion for photography and got to know each other's families. Afterwards we headed out for a few minutes of the beautiful golden hour in the Colorado sun. Summer and the Bunn family - I miss you so! Come baaaaaackkkkk!

The Williams Family Newborn Session

So here's what I've decided. I have fallen in love with in-home sessions. This one put me over the edge. I shot this newborn session for my dear friend Anne who just had her third baby boy. Why did this one mean so much to me? Because it was so much more than just taking pictures of a new baby entering the family.

It was spending time with close brothers and seeing the way they rough-house like brothers always do - and at the same time watching them give each other hugs and high fives. It was seeing that love that you feel as a parent when you see your older children bond with your youngest. It was entering a family's home and getting to know them on a deeper level. Getting to know how their daily life feels and how it reminds you so much of yours.

Even in the early days of that newborn stage - in the weary, exhausting, never-ending feeding and sleep depravation days, this family has something so beautiful and sacred. They have each other. 

I want to shoot so many more of your families in and around your home. Where I can FEEL your connections and help you tell your authentic family stories. 

Sweet Emily

Sometimes a moving picture breathes so much life into our everyday moments. Today I want to share with you a video portrait of 3 year-old Em. She's just magic to me.