THANK YOU so much for your interest in a session with me. Whether you've decided to book or are interested in more details, I want to answer all your questions about the experience we will create together for a lifestyle photography session.

MY APPROACH to sessions is unique to each family and client. They are either on location (we work together to pick a beautiful spot) or inside and around your home. I am not a photographer who uses props or asks my subjects to stop and smile at the camera.

I AM a photographer who looks for authentic connection between people and my favorite photographs are the ones that make you feel something when you look back on them. I will often direct you and your family to a specific location or pose and then let the natural candid moments unique to your relationships unfold. That is where the MAGIC happens.

My passion and work is to capture those candid and emotive unposed shots that you will cherish and hang on your walls for years to come. I want you to laugh, cry, play and enjoy your time at our session.

The way your little one plays with your hair when you're holding her? That's something you'll always treasure. Or how your son loves to pick up rocks by the creek and throw them further than Dad? YES. Our session together will document your family as they are right now. I really do believe that real is beautiful.