10 on 10 | January Edition

It's a new year and I've joined a group of amazingly talented photographers for a super fun project called 10 on 10 in 2013. I came close to choosing just 10 images but had to add two more to get the story right this month! For January I decided on "A Day in the Life" series with my son Jaxon. He was my first muse for photography inspiration and the older he gets the more fun it is to capture his little world. This series was shot over the first few days in January and all the while we were singing one of his favorite songs... "Hold on, to me as we go | As we roll down this unfamiliar road | And although this wave it's stringing us along | Just know you're not alone | Cause I'm gonna make this place your home" ~ HOME (by Phillip Phillips)

Next in line in this fabulous blogging circle is the amazingly talented Rowe Timson who just moved to Bali! I'm so jealous!