Halloween 2014 | The Kaleidoscope Project

After taking a little break I'm so happy to report that me and my favorite photography ladies are up and blogging again for our Kaleidoscope Project! Since Halloween was on Friday I decided to share a few images from our short but sweet night in the neighborhood. Jaxon was SO excited to dress up as Emmet from the LEGO movie and his dad helped him complete the costume with an awesome "piece of resistance" made out of styrofoam and wrapping paper. Asher spent about thirty minutes in his little monster costume and Trick-or-Treating lasted maybe 45 minutes before Jaxon was cold and ready to go inside. Still - we had a great night with neighborhood friends. I always love seeing how excited all the kids get to show off their costumes and load up on pillow cases full of candy. To follow the circle first head over to my beautiful and talented friend Nicole at Nicole Dina Photography and check out her awesome Halloween post HERE with her family. I love the way she sees things!