In and Around Your Home - An authentic way of shooting Family Sessions

I have fallen in love with sessions that revolve around your family's home. In and around your home, where you have favorite spaces. You know them so well. You make memories in these spaces. It's where you gather around the dinner table and talk to your family about your day. It's where your kids are growing up and probably where they are the most comfortable. It's where I believe the most raw, authentic and beautiful moments happen. 

You may be thinking,  "But my house is not picture perfect. It's a mess! And my kids won't behave - they'll just run wild!"

To that I say, I hear you! Nobody's house is perfect but that's exactly what makes it unique.

We can totally work around little messes - or even work with them! And your kids? I want them to be able to show me their personalities and connections with each other and it will be amazing to do that in a place they know. We can start at your home, your porch, your backyard and then head off to one of your favorite spots to explore. 

It's the kids running through the sprinklers in the yard and the dog joins in. Or it's you welcoming a new family member into your home. It's the real moments - the heart of who you are that is worth documenting. We can start at your home and wander off to your favorite ice cream place or to the creek that your kids love to wade in during the Summer. It's the kind of session that honestly sets my soul and creative voice on fire and I would love to help you tell your family's story. Together let's make some magic in your home and in your favorite spaces.