10 on 10 June Edition

I've always admired the look of film and photographers who still shoot film and make it look so effortless. I learned photography solely on digital - I was a late bloomer and I still have much to learn. So I took on a new challenge last month and bought a film camera and signed up for my first film class called Embrace the Grain. I'm three weeks in an already loving the process. The shots I take can't be seen on the back of camera (this takes some serious getting used to!) and it's actually quite liberating! I feel like I have to slow down A LOT to get the shots I want and I think it makes me more present in my work and in the moment. SO! Today I share with you eleven (couldn't share just 10 this time!) of my favorite images from first two roles of film - Kodak Portra 400 and Fuji 400H. They're grainy and some a little soft and I love every little imperfection that they hold. I can't wait to dig in deeper and shoot more film this Summer! 

Next up in this fabulous circle of amazing ladies is Sarah Rypma from Kalamazoo, Michigan. Her first image this month is a stunning start to her beautiful, light filled post.